04.2015 Food heat processing line Orest 700 went on the series.


  On the eve of the Easter we are glad to represent you the result of the long-term development and operating experience of our customers – the line of food heat processing equipment Orest 700 Series.


 There are a lot of advantages of world analogues such as ergonomics and scalability, ability to complete the line, high performance, modern design and high level of outfit and because of application of the energy-saving technology  Orest   that is used in electric cookers, energy consumption is reduced on 30%.

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01.2015 Built-in elements of food service counter (self-service counter)


An updated, improved and essentially enhanced version of food service counter with built-in elements (modules) went on the series.



Principal and main!


Now there is no need to purchase the complete module (with the bottom part), now your hands are free in arrangement of the food service counter. Different finish variants can be applied, such as chipboard, wood, stone and brick. And the most pleasant is the fact that cost of such elements is essentially lower.


A cut-out of required size is made in the counter and any one of elements is inserted in it (in this cut-out).



Like all the elements of the stationary food service counter, the built-in elements can be additionally equipped with:


- tray guide slides

- superstructure shelf truck (2nd or 1st level)

- shelf’s highlighting

- frontal curved glass


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25.09.2014 “Freeze” warranty for 24 MONTHS!!!


Once again about our “freeze”......


Warranty for refrigeration units  in all  refrigerated tables, refrigerated counters и refrigerated food service counters   for 24 MONTHS!!!




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24.06.2014 Tecumseh Compressors (France) are in all refrigeration equipment now


Professional freeze

- is powerful, reliable and sophisticated.



Today all the refrigerated tables, refrigerated counters и food service counters are equipped with aggregates of the Tecumseh French Company.




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15.05.2014. Dish drying shelves and racks Orest – prices are reduced!

Dish drying rack SD-4 (4 shelves)

Price: 3726 UAH  2597 UAH (-30%)

Universal shelves – plates and glasses
length - 1000 mm.
width - 330 mm.
height - 1800 мм.
Completely made of stainless steel

Dish drying shelve WSID-2 ( 2 shelves)

Цена: 1898 UAH  1178 UAH (-38%)

Universal shelves – plates and glasses
length - 1000 mm.
width - 330 mm.
height - 600 mm.
Completely made of stainless steel + tray

Thanks to technological process optimization in production we succeeded in reducing prices for ish drying racks and shelves on 30 – 37%. Construction and materials remain the same.

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20.05.2014 The model range of Orest proofing cabinets is modernized.

Orest proofing cabinets - what’s new?


Sliding universal rails – baking sheet 600x400 or Gastronorm GN-1/1  

Adjustable supports of telescopic type 1'' 1/2 (AISI 304 steel, disassembling capability) and pull-out tray for liquid collection.

- Distance between slide-ways is 85 mm.

- Electromechanical control.

- Operating temperature is 30…90 °С.

- Doors are made of heat-resistant glass – 6 mm.

- Electric power is 2.0 kW.

- Voltage is 220V.

Can be mobile and stationary


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