Fry top FP-0.4 S-D

Fry top FP-0.4 S-D

Professional tabletop cast iron frying surface - smooth.


  • working area 370x500 mm
  • thermostat E.G.O. (Germany)
  • large surface thickness (20 mm), eliminates the possibility of deformation and ensures uniform heat distribution
  • ventilated backsplash 200 mm high
  • a sliding tray (tray) for collecting fat
  • made of stainless steel
  • work both as a part of cooking lines of the 700th Orest series, and autonomously
  • it is possible to tighten countertops between elements for installation in a line or island
  • can be installed on a table or on a stand
  • support screws for adjusting on uneven surfaces
  • scraper included