Cooking equipment Boiling pan EBP-60L(ih)

Cooking equipment Boiling pan EBP-60L(ih)

The operation of the boiler is based on the steam-water principle of heating the bowl — water is supplied to the so-called “jacket” around the bowl and is heated by the heating element, heat from the water is transferred to the product in the boiler bowl smoothly and evenly throughout the entire volume of the bowl, excluding food scorching.


  • stainless steel bowl
  • completely made of stainless steel
  • ventilated backsplash of height 200mm
  • fixing the cover in the raised position
  • easy integration of thermal food processing line 700 Orest
  • safety thermostat
  • automation and fittings manufactured in Italy
  • connection to the water supply and sanitation
  • water supply by simply pressing a button
  • height-adjustable telescopic supports