Stainless steel kitchen racks Orest

Stainless steel kitchen racks for utensils, dishes are used at catering enterprises as kitchen racks for storing clean utensils, dishes, implements, vegetables and fruits (or other non-perishable products) in specially designed containers for this purpose.

They can also be used as refrigerated racks - in cooling chambers, due to their high corrosion resistance.

Below the shelves of stainless steel racks are reinforced with traverses - as a result of which they are able to withstand high loads.

As standard they are made in the form of a welded frame of a stainless pipe of square section 30x30 mm and 4 or 5 shelves.

Height-adjustable screw supports made of impact-resistant plastic are used in all models of racks for kitchen utensils (dishes).

It is possible to make custom-made racks different from the proposed design and sizes.

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