Commercial electric pasta cookers Orest

Pasta cookers Orest can work in the cooking line Orest 700 or separately.

Cooking pasta, dough products (dumplings, ravioli, ravioli) and other products, such a crabs , vegetables and the like.

  • made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm
  • water is heated by heating elements of the "dry" type - not affected by scale and corrosion
  • water supply at the touch of a button
  • drain valve in the lower part of the Pasta cooker
  • in models with doors, doors are equipped with thermal insulation and magnetic closures latchs
  • lids included
  • complete set of baskets according to the choice of the costomer, depending on the number of servings of the product and types while cooking
  • ventilated backsplash 200 mm high