serving counters


 Self-service counter is a set of specialized equipment (modules and components) installed in cafes and restaurants for temporary storage of food and catering.


Before you decide to order a self-service line for your café or restaurant, it is important to know the following information:


  • Room size where your self-service counter will be located. Configuration of your serving counter directly depends on the available space. The larger the room, the more options you will have (the number of counter components, line bends, etc.)

  • Draft menu of your café or restaurant. By knowing how much food you will serve, you will understand how many self-service counter units you need.

With our years-long experience in designing and producing self-service lines for catering, Orest suggests the optimal set-up of the serving counter (see the chart with numerated components above.) Description and characteristics of the components you can see below.


Most of self-serving lines consist of:


  • Racks for tableware and trays (1),

  • cooling counters for salads, cold appetizers and beverages (2),

  • chafers used for keeping soups and main courses warm (3, 4),

  • angle units (6). Their number depends on the line bends served to use the floor space rationally,

  • a cashier station.


Special tray lines are mounted alongside the self-service counter so that the customers could easily move their trays with dishes.


With our self-service lines you will be able to cut the expenses on personnel. Your café or restaurant will only need 1-2 staff members to serve main courses and soups, and a cashier. At the same time, the customers will have full access to all of the dishes served at the café.


Orest serving counters are an excellent solution for your café or restaurant which will allow you to cut the expenses and increase the revenue. If you decided to purchase a self-service counter, contact Orest sales managers for more information and prices.