Refrigerated display case for fish on ice

 Refrigerated display cases for fish on ice are used for presentation, maintenance of optimum storage temperature and seafood demonstration. These refrigerated display cases are installed in stores and public catering enterprises. Such equipment is fitted with inclined open bath where manufactured ice is allocated. Fresh fish and different seafood products are spread on ice directly. This enables to keep products fresh for a long time and take care of its attractiveness.

The modern refrigerated display case for fish on ice is mostly used in wholesale supermarkets and fish stores. It is intended for demonstration of fresh seafood products. As a rule flaked ice is used in such equipment. Ice depth is to be more than 20 mm over the whole refrigeration surface. This flaked ice is produced by special flaky ice generator. In order to keep fish products fresh for a long time it is required to add ice from time to time.

The main advantages of displaycases for fish.

  •      Heat insulation layer that prevents ice from melting for a long time;
  •      Angle adjustment possibility;
  •      Special nozzle for water discharge;
  •      Perforated trays by means of which melt water disposal happens;
  •      Can be equipped with a front glass;
  •      A compressor (France) with full two year guarantee is used in display cases with cooling;

   Refrigerated display case for fish is enabled to eliminate specific fish odor completely. The modern refrigerated display case for fish has a unique construction. The display cases are manufactured with forced cooling and without it. It let maintain optimum temperature (from +2 up to +6 0С). Such equipment operates from the mains of 220 volt.

Special aspects of fish display cases Orest SDI/SDIC choice

• The body of the display case is manufactured of stainless steel and is not subject to disruptive influence of liquid from fish.

While choosing equipment for fish selling it is important to pay attention on the cooling system. Specialists recommend a static system. It completely excludes the possibility of crusting and drying of delicate products).

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