Equipment for fast food


ORESTTM offers a group of equipment designed for serving of prepared dishes according to a so-called “American way”. Its main difference from the classical food service counter is that the client does not have to walk with a server and collect menu dishes for himself, but he is served immediately by a checkout cashier at the counter where serving of prepared dishes (such as hamburgers, potatoes and etc.) is performed.

“Fast-food” series combines several main categories:

1. Pedestal-tables.
2. Foundations (pedestals) for dispensers.
3. Heating display cases for burgers.
4. Heating element (steam table) for French fries.

Applying equipment of this series you’ll be able to improve a product appearance and its quality that will favorably result in a sales level. The design department and own production facilities enable to manufacture any types and configurations of the equipment according to the customers’ demands. We consider that high-quality fast-food may be achieved only on the high-quality professional equipment.