Bartender station (cocktail station)

A European approach to the organization of barmen activities in Ukraine is now available with a new line of OREST bar equipment.

  • improved ergonomics of bartender workspace organization

  • volumetric backsplash (height 50 mm)

  • stems, made of stainless steel tube 40x40 mm

  • modular approach allows you to organize the bar considering the customer’s individual view. The use of standard modular elements allows you to move your cocktail station to another premise and to compose them considering its features

  • a detachable and movable cutting board is always at hand for quick preparation of fruits

  • a table with runners for dishwashers’ cassettes storage increases the area of working surfaces and reduces the risk of cracking or shattering plates

  • a retractable trash container with a tank made of stainless steel and a hole for garbage disposal in the countertop makes the process of cleaning up easier and saves the bartender’s time.


  In order to ensure efficient performance, a barman station must have all the necessary equipment available, which will subsequently lead to increased customer satisfaction and popularity of your venue.


  A bartender station is the neutral equipment situated directly behind and below the bar counter, unseen to the visitors. The bar staff make different cocktails and bar products at this workplace and serve them to the customers. In addition, a bartender station has lots of necessary work equipment including tools and dishes. The cocktail station was designed to have all the necessary appliances nearby. The way of organizing a workplace is also very important, because the rate and quality of work depends on it. Your bartender will be able to eliminate redundant movements as he will not need to go several unnecessary steps beyond provided that his work is well organized.


What does the bartender’s workplace consist of? What are its modules?


To smoothen the process of bartender’s work the bar stations are divided into the following components:


  • the cocktail station itself, where the bartender can make various cocktails, drinks, and juices. It contains a set of GN containers for fruit pieces, compartments for different forms of ice (flake, cube) with adjustable partitions, a sink and a movable plastic board for cutting, a trash bin, and a speed rack bottle storage.

  • various additional modules, such as a washing tub with a shelf for a blender, a preparation table with movable board for slicing and a sliding dustbin, a desk table for dishwasher baskets, and a spill-stop.

  • fresh station is a as a stand with diagonally set fruit trays in the lower part of the juicer. It will be a great addition to your juicer.

  • a table for a coffee machine with a drawer for coffee wastes and a lower rack.


  While choosing a stainless steel bar station you should consider the needs and wishes of the bartender who will work behind the bar counter. In such case a bartender’s workplace can be composed by using additional modules. You can also choose the full version of the bar station which already has a basic set of functional elements. This option will be convenient if you still don’t know what exactly you need or if the bar is not composed to meet the professional needs of a particular staff member.


  This specialized stainless steel bar equipment complex can improve the overall performance of the bartender and the bar itself.