Stainless steel wall mounted storage cabinets

Stainless steel wall mounted storage cabinets have become popular in professional kitchens due to their advanced technical and performance properties. Wall mounted stainless-steel cabinets with doors are able to securely store and protect items from various negative environmental factors. These include extreme temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and dirt and grease. This latter issue can, in extreme cases, be easily solved by washing the cabinets using a special detergent.

The design of the wall mounted stainless-steel cabinets can vary depending on the type of door, whether it is sliding or swinging (two- or three-door configurations are available).   
All parts of the cabinet are made of high-quality stainless steel and have fasteners, allowing the cabinet to be hung in a convenient place on the wall. The inner sides of the cabinet walls have perforated studs so that you can easily install extra shelves in the optimal configuration in order to store your items. The customer can order these shelves optionally as desired, and you can install as many as you please in a cabinet. The cabinet's height is the only limiting factor.

The cabinet with hinged doors has concealed metallic furniture hinges. The shelves are strengthened using cross-members. The convenient handles are incorporated into the cabinet design and completely integrated into each door. You can easily store dishes, cutlery, various kitchen utensils, small kitchen appliances and others items in the cabinets.

No kitchen is complete without stainless-steel cabinets for drying dishes. The design of the shelves within them is universal. They can accommodate plates and glasses as well as a pull-out tray that is used to collect water.

Wall mounted stainless-steel cabinets have become indispensable helpers in the professional kitchens of cafes, bars, cafeterias, restaurants and hotels. All our models are ergonomic and able to perfectly fit into the space of any kitchen.  

Stainless-steel cabinets have excellent consumer properties, including ease of use, durability and ease of maintenance, and for these reasons they have attracted many buyers.  

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