Stainless steel work tables

Select the parameters:
framework :
Work table Orest B-5
shelf: without
framework : stainless steel
top: stainless steel
Work table Orest B-6
shelf: stainless steel
framework : stainless steel
top: stainless steel
Work table Orest В-7
shelf: stainless steel
framework : stainless steel
top: wood
Work table Orest В-8
shelf: without
framework : stainless steel
top: PVC
Work table Orest В-9
shelf: stainless steel
framework : stainless steel
top: PVC
186 eur

Orest specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality equipment for food service providers. Stainless steel preparation tables are among its most popular products. They are primarily intended for canteens, restaurants, kindergartens, resorts, schools and hospitals, among other public places equipped with a kitchen.
Our preparation tables are ideal for public catering companies.
Any equipment that comes in direct contact with food products must comply with strict sanitary standards, and our preparation tables are not an exception. That is why all of our models:

    Comply with all relevant sanitary norms and standards;
    Are made of materials resistant to a broad range of food ingredients and acids, as well as cleaning and disinfecting detergents;
    Are easy to clean, durable and long-lasting.

The working area that comes in direct contact with food products is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is:

    Chemically inert – does not absorb or emit anything;
    Easy to clean;
    Does not absorb odors, which is very important for conveyor-style production of food from various ingredients: meat, fish, vegetables, spices.

Design features of Orest preparation tables

We offer several models of the product to anyone looking to purchase a stainless-steel preparation table with the optimal price/quality ratio.

General features:

    The tabletop is a noise- and vibration-absorbing chipboard sheathed in highly durable stainless-steel with a special 50mm backsplash that protects the wall from stains and prevents food products from falling to the floor;

    All tables are 850mm high, which facilitates the organization of unified workplaces and technological lines of the same height by lining up several tables;

    Adjustable stands are made of shock-proof plastic, allowing you to stabilize the table on uneven surfaces.

Unique features:

    The hull is a square tube construction made of stainless steel or carbon steel painted in hammer enamel;
    The design of certain modules allows for the installation of a stainless-steel or zinc-plated steel shelf that can be used for storing buckets, large pans and other kitchenware and equipment.

Orest equipment is always the best choice you can make

Purchasing an Orest preparation table is a good investment, as you become the owner of a top-notch, reliable piece of equipment with a 1-year warranty period.
The cost of our tables depends on the cost of materials and design complexity. We use the best available materials and parts to make these tables, while their design has been tried, tested and found to be very convenient by countless buyers over many years.