Deep fryers

The deep fryers are purpose for frying potatoes and other products (fish, deep fryer for donuts, shrimps) fried (boiling oil or fat).

The main difference between the professional (industrial) deep fryers for restaurants, cafes and other catering from household deep fryers are the presence of several important advantages:
• they are made of stainless steel;
• they are able to withstand high loads (sometimes work within twenty-four hours);
• they has a greater productivity (manufacturing finished product per unit time (the hour)).

The equipment and functional advantages of professional deep fryers Orest series FE:

• automatic shut-off when lifting the heating element for maintenance - eliminates the possibility of burns to the operator and damage the heating element during the cleaning of deep fryers;
• rising fixed hinged control module with a heating element and a removable container facilitate maintenance and cleaning of deep fryers;
• heating element protected from possible damage basket;
• the mount for the basket on fryer to give the opportunity not to immerse it in oil;
• due to increased cold zone is reduced oil consumption;

Select the parameters:
Throughput (kg/hr):
Capacity (L):
Power (kW):
Deep fryer Orest FE 5
Throughput (kg/hr): 8,12
Power (kW): 2,1
Capacity (L): 5
Deep fryer Orest FE 2x5
Throughput (kg/hr): 16
Power (kW): 2x2,1
Capacity (L): 2х5
Deep fryer FE-0.4(700) HD
Throughput (kg/hr): 16
Type: deep fryer
Deep fryer FE-0.4-D
Type: deep fryer
Deep fryer FE-0.8(700) HD
Throughput (kg/hr): 24
Type: deep fryer
Deep fryer FE-0.8-D
Type: deep fryer
Deep fryer Orest FE 8
Throughput (kg/hr): 12
Power (kW): 3
Capacity (L): 8
Deep fryer Orest FE 2x8
Throughput (kg/hr): 24
Power (kW): 2x3
Capacity (L): 2х8

Open the enterprise fast food - it is one of the most profitable and therefore quite popular types of business. The organization of small or large eateries you will certainly need a deep fryer.
Fryer has many beneficial qualities. The main ones are convenient and economical. To all this can be added the fact that the dishes are cooked in an industrial deep fryer, do not just keep their best taste, but also have a very attractive appearance - crispy golden brown crust. Professional fryer has a lot of advantages over traditional cooking food on a baking sheet or pan.
The main difference between this device from the usual kitchen fryers – it's a cooking volume of production and the availability of a number of automatic modes to significantly save time cooks.
Industrial deep fryer floor type is specially designed for large catering. Its main advantage is the enhanced capacity of the heating elements. Moreover, the oil is heated much faster to the desired temperature for cooking, and in the bath so deep fryer can be placed large batches of products. In some models, outdoor fryers, design made for the use of two separate bathrooms that will be very useful in the preparation of several completely different meals. Another advantage of the frying – it's a rather large cabinets for kitchen utensils, which are directly under the tub fryer.
In all modern deep fryers set the thermostat to regulate the temperature of the oil and a special filter system allows much less oil changes and avoid cost overruns. All deep fryers are made of stainless steel.