05.2024 Refrigerated tables with dynamic cooling - we resume production. Updating and processing of the model range .

After a significant redesign and reimagining, the Orest brand's product line will soon feature refrigerated tables with dynamic cooling.


So let's stop at overview of most of the key advantages:

- dynamic cooling (blowing cold air into the working space of the table), due to the circulation of air from the refrigerating unit to the chamber and back, the air in the refrigerating space is always cooled with almost no heat loss, temperature mode +2...+8 ̊C, as in models with static cooling. Powerful cold is provided by the professional evaporator of European production;


- the compact size of the refrigerating table (the length of the 2-door 1360 mm), thanks to the optimization of the structure and the demand on the market for tables for gastro containers GN-1/1, is more compact. Each table is equipped with guides with limiters and lattice shelves made of stainless steel of GN-1/1 format (1 set for each door), and a pair of guides for installing gastro containers, also with limiters;


- in versions with pull-out drawers, it is also possible to install gastro containers with a depth of up to 150 mm, which are also easy to remove from the drawer.


All other "tricks" and features have been transferred from the line of tables with static cooling, but it will not be superfluous to remind about them:


- the unit and all components of refrigerating equipment from leading European manufacturers, and they have a power reserve at a calculated ambient temperature of +35 ̊C. The warranty for the Tecumseh compressor (France) is 24 months;


- the top of the refrigerator table is not afraid of hot dishes (it does not swell from the melted thermal insulation inside the top);


- volumetric wall side of the tabletop with a height of 50 mm;


- the "overhang" of the tabletop in front of the table adds comfort and ergonomics to work and increases the working area of ​​the tabletop;


- if it’s desired or necessary, swivel castors can be installed instead of adjustable supports;


- the door has the function of automatic closing (adjustment) and opens to a wide angle;


- the rubber door seals can be easily replaced if necessary (easily removed and installed in special grooves of the door profile);


- a variety of execution combinations: left- or right-hand location of the compressor compartment, many options for combining doors and drawers, which the buyers of most European and Chinese-made refrigerating tables presented on the Ukrainian market are deprived of.


So, in general, to sum up everything mentioned above – we hope you will like it.


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10.2017 Updating the range of vapo grills

Vapo grill is a very practical and efficient cooking unit which combines many advantages:

  • it heats up in a matter of minuts;
  • provides additional humidity to all food products that have been put on the gridiron, thus ensuring that there is no unnecessary loss of weight in cooked food;
  • no flare-ups of grease and substantially fewer fumes;
  • all food has the attractive-looking sear marks.

This fall, Orest presented two new vapo units from the GV series which are the part of the renovated Orest 700 line. The width of the first GV unit is 400 mm and the second one has a width of 800 mm.

The 700 series has one distinguishing feature: all the grills are designed as monoblock units. It means that they don't have the supports stands which gives these grills a major advantage over other similar cooking units.
This advantage is purely practical: such a design concept provides more automation to the cooking process since the staff don't have to worry about filling up or draining the water tanks.

Everything is done with a simple push of a button or twist of a faucet.
If needed, the vapo grill can be complemented with a swing door with a heat insulator and a lock keeper. Vapo grills of the GV series also have some features from the previous versions, such as rounded edges on the worktop and the ventilating back splash which is used for withdrawing heat from internal components of the grill.

The Orest vapo grills will be the perfect solution for any private or industrial kitchen.





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06.2017 A new model of Orest 700 cooking line - EFP-0.4 S700 commercial bratt pans.

We present a new industrial bratt pan Orest EFP-0.4 S700 of the upcoming updated range of Orest 700 cooking line.


So, EFP-0.4 S700 can be used as an electric bratt pan, fry top, bain marie, etc.


A bowl with a three-layered sandwich bottom that has a total thickness of 15 mm - it consists of a 3 mm sheet of stainless steel, a 10mm steel plate, and a 2.0mm sheet of stainless steel. As a result, the ideal heat distribution is achieved, as well as rapid warm-up and heat transfer from the heating elements to the product.


For convenient cleaning of the electric bratt pan, drainage goes into the GN-1/1 100 mm gastronorm container (optional); an overflow tube is also present.


- power consumption of this electric bratt pan - 4,8 kW

- working volume of the bowl is 10-12 liters

- operating temperature range 50 - 300 0С (the set temperature is automatically maintained by the thermostat)

- a lid to cover the bowl.


This industrial bratt pan is made of stainless steel, its countertop is made of 1.0mm thick AISI-201.


General features of EFP-0.4 and the entire new and updated 700 cooking line:




Countertop – rounded frontal edge and a high (200 mm) ventilated backsplash


Front panel


It can be additionally equipped with doors (both left-hand and right-hand) that provide effective thermal insulation and feature a magnetic lock.


The base and the heating elements are now made as one piece, no desktop edition, optional doors (available at your discretion).


This electric bratt pan is available for order.

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04.2015 Food heat processing line Orest 700 went on the series.


  On the eve of the Easter we are glad to represent you the result of the long-term development and operating experience of our customers – the line of food heat processing equipment Orest 700 Series.


 There are a lot of advantages of world analogues such as ergonomics and scalability, ability to complete the line, high performance, modern design and high level of outfit and because of application of the energy-saving technology  Orest   that is used in electric cookers, energy consumption is reduced on 30%.

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01.2015 Built-in elements of food service counter (self-service counter)


An updated, improved and essentially enhanced version of food service counter with built-in elements (modules) went on the series.



Principal and main!


Now there is no need to purchase the complete module (with the bottom part), now your hands are free in arrangement of the food service counter. Different finish variants can be applied, such as chipboard, wood, stone and brick. And the most pleasant is the fact that cost of such elements is essentially lower.


A cut-out of required size is made in the counter and any one of elements is inserted in it (in this cut-out).



Like all the elements of the stationary food service counter, the built-in elements can be additionally equipped with:


- tray guide slides

- superstructure shelf truck (2nd or 1st level)

- shelf’s highlighting

- frontal curved glass


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25.09.2014 “Freeze” warranty for 24 MONTHS!!!


Once again about our “freeze”......


Warranty for refrigeration units  in all  refrigerated tables, refrigerated counters и refrigerated food service counters   for 24 MONTHS!!!




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24.06.2014 Tecumseh Compressors (France) are in all refrigeration equipment now


Professional freeze

- is powerful, reliable and sophisticated.



Today all the refrigerated tables, refrigerated counters и food service counters are equipped with aggregates of the Tecumseh French Company.




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15.05.2014. Dish drying shelves and racks Orest – prices are reduced!

Dish drying rack SD-4 (4 shelves)

Price: 3726 UAH  2597 UAH (-30%)

Universal shelves – plates and glasses
length - 1000 mm.
width - 330 mm.
height - 1800 мм.
Completely made of stainless steel

Dish drying shelve WSID-2 ( 2 shelves)

Цена: 1898 UAH  1178 UAH (-38%)

Universal shelves – plates and glasses
length - 1000 mm.
width - 330 mm.
height - 600 mm.
Completely made of stainless steel + tray

Thanks to technological process optimization in production we succeeded in reducing prices for ish drying racks and shelves on 30 – 37%. Construction and materials remain the same.

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20.05.2014 The model range of Orest proofing cabinets is modernized.

Orest proofing cabinets - what’s new?


Sliding universal rails – baking sheet 600x400 or Gastronorm GN-1/1  

Adjustable supports of telescopic type 1'' 1/2 (AISI 304 steel, disassembling capability) and pull-out tray for liquid collection.

- Distance between slide-ways is 85 mm.

- Electromechanical control.

- Operating temperature is 30…90 °С.

- Doors are made of heat-resistant glass – 6 mm.

- Electric power is 2.0 kW.

- Voltage is 220V.

Can be mobile and stationary


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