Pizza ovens


Pizza ovens of OREST TM are equipped with professional ceramic “bottom” made of fired clay of the leading Italian manufacturer and also equipped with temperature regulator 85-450 оС (320 оС for the model EDM-2/NPM) thanks to which baking time is from 4 up to 6 minutes.

The ceramic bottom is manufactured of fired clay that accumulates and uniformly distributes heat throughout the oven chamber thanks to which food is baked uniformly. The ceramic board is not afraid of temperature drops and allows baking pizza in special dishes as well as on the bottom.

Enhanced thermal isolation and ability to smooth adjustment of heating intensity of the upper and lower rows of heaters allow adjusting pizza baking degree and this also allows decreasing of electricity costs and increasing of baking speed as well as saving more effective weight of products.

- frame of food grade stainless steel;
- operation temperature is up to 350 оС
- eco-friendly foiled basalt thermal isolation of the oven;
- heating elements are located in the upper and lower rows of the oven chamber;
- professional ceramic bottom made of fired clay of the leading Italian manufacturer;
- individual smooth adjustment of the upper and lower heater;
- height adjustable stands;
- illumination for each degree and double glass of the door that allows controlling baking process without opening the door;

Select the parameters:
Power (kW):
max temperature °С:
Capacity (pizza 30cm):
Pizza ovens PO-2 V2 (400)
Power (kW): 3,4
Capacity (pizza 30cm): 2
max temperature °С: 400
Pizza ovens PO-2.2 V2 (400)
Power (kW): 6,8
Capacity (pizza 30cm): 2+2
max temperature °С: 400
Pizza ovens PO-4-V2(400)
Power (kW): 5,6
Capacity (pizza 30cm): 4
max temperature °С: 400
Pizza ovens Orest PO-8 V2 (400)
Power (kW): 11,2
Capacity (pizza 30cm): 4+4
max temperature °С: 400