2.Cooling sales counters CD-3GN1/1(built-in)

2.Cooling sales counters CD-3GN1/1(built-in)


  Has a cooling bowl, which may have different depths, determined by service mode. Depending on the selected method of service of the counter can be used in different ways - with GN or install products for distribution, or plates with dishes and glasses with drinks and sour cream.

- counter embedded type (mortise) - can be installed in any type of countertop and size, such a solution greatly simplifies the design and provides ample opportunities in the design of serving counters;


  • stainless steel
  • an electronic control unit
  • automatic defrost
  • refrigeration unit (France) -  24 monts warranty
  • components is made in EU
  • adjustment range of cooling:+4...+5 °C (ambient temperature+12..+32 °C)