Electric range CESIf-4-OG

Electric range CESIf-4-OG
  • made entirely of stainless steel
  • universlal oven for GN-1/1 (530x325 mm) or baking tray 600x400 mm
  • stainless steel grille in set
  • removable 3 level oven guides for easy cleaning
  • silicone heat resistant oven door seal
  • foiled basalt thermal isolation of the oven
  • ventilated oven door with double glazing
  • halogen oven chamber light
  • analog oven thermometer
  • separate adjustment of heaters oven (top and bottom)
  • infrared speed heating burners E.G.O. (Germany)
  • smooth adjustment of the possibility of heating each burner
  • glass-ceramic working hob 297x297 mm
  • wiring with the use of heat-resistant wires
  • ventilated backsplash of 200 mm high