Deep fryer FE-0.8(700) HD

Deep fryer FE-0.8(700) HD

Professional electric deep fryer.
It can be used as a part of the cooking line 700 Orest series.

  • made of stainless steel
  • doors with thermal insulation and magnetic closure locks
  • drain valve and container for collecting waste oil
  • ventilated backsplash 200 mm high
  • safety thermostat (triggered when the lack of oil in the bath during operation)
  • automatic shutdown when lifting the heating element for maintenance - eliminates possible operator burns and the heating element breaks during the cleaning of the fryer
  • a heating element is protected from possible damage basket
  • holder for the basket on the fryer giving the opportunity not to immerse it in oil
  • due to the increased cold zone, oil consumption is reduced basket included
  • basket and cover complete