Cheburek-frying machines

 Cheburek-frying machine has wider but not so deep bath than deep-frying machine has, this gives more convenience during frying of the product.
And also instead of the basket there is a grid made of stainless steel that separates tubular heating elements from the product.
Because of the grid is in the hot oil all the time during the first immersion the products don’t adhere to the grid keeping its appearance.

Select the parameters:
Capacity (L):
working capacity (mm):
Cheburek-frying machines Orest FE GN-1/1
working capacity (mm): 500x300x150
Capacity (L): 10
Cheburek-frying machines Orest FE GN-1/2
working capacity (mm): 240x300x150
Capacity (L): 5