Fry top FP-0.4G(700)

Fry top FP-0.4G(700)
 Professional cast-iron fry top for restaurants, cafes, quick service restaurants and other public catering enterprises.
  • ribbed surface;
  • manufactured of stainless steel;
  • sliding tray for oil collection;
Well-known advantages of cast-iron, such as:
  • natural “antiadhesiveness”;
  • long serviceable life;
  • fast thermal response and thus heat transfer;
  • are reflected in our series of fry tops Orest FP 700.


Prior commissioning (the first start-up) there is an outline recommendation to grease surface with edible fat (oil) and burn for some time at high temperature
(300 0С) till cast iron becomes dark – this means the surface gets its antiadhesivity.